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The “Three Cups of Tea” tempest, Part II: The question of authorship

Who really writes the books we read? And do we deserve to know? Let’s start by returning to the Three Cups of Tea kerfuffle. In addition to the problems already mentioned, it is now clear that the cover of the book itself … Continue reading

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Humor is for real: Thank God for Gene Weingarten

There is a book written by Sarah Palin biographer Lynn Vincent (and fronted by Evangelist preacher Colton Burpo) called Heavan is for Real, high atop the New York Times non-fiction bestseller list. That’s right non-fiction. The God-fearing folks behind this … Continue reading

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Grete Waitz, RIP: A running life marked by grit, grace and generosity of spirit

It is almost impossible improve on real life. That is one of the reasons I find it so frustrating when people try to embellish it or flat out lie about it. Here is a prime example of a story that … Continue reading

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Hmm.. Maybe it was only “Two Cups of Tea”.. or was it coffee?

Another “non-fiction” best-seller bites the dust. It appears Greg Mortenson was at times more interested in self-promotion and puffery than the truth when he “wrote” Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace… One School at a Time. (It’s … Continue reading

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John Steinbeck, the recent “Travels With Charley” kerfuffle, and the recurring question of Truth

Let me share with you a little secret: some things in this great world actually do happen, or do exist. These are called “facts.” If you put together a story that is supported by facts, it is called a “true … Continue reading

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Exemplary lives and great civilizations: What it means to live a good life

Working on the life story of Beverly Eckert often had my thoughts wandering in new directions and old. I was looking ahead, pondering what I would write about next. But I was also returning to those most basic questions that … Continue reading

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