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Hmm.. Maybe it was only “Two Cups of Tea”.. or was it coffee?

Another “non-fiction” best-seller bites the dust. It appears Greg Mortenson was at times more interested in self-promotion and puffery than the truth when he “wrote” Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace… One School at a Time. (It’s … Continue reading

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John Steinbeck, the recent “Travels With Charley” kerfuffle, and the recurring question of Truth

Let me share with you a little secret: some things in this great world actually do happen, or do exist. These are called “facts.” If you put together a story that is supported by facts, it is called a “true … Continue reading

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Exemplary lives and great civilizations: What it means to live a good life

Working on the life story of Beverly Eckert often had my thoughts wandering in new directions and old. I was looking ahead, pondering what I would write about next. But I was also returning to those most basic questions that … Continue reading

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