My journalistic endeavors began as a photographer for my high school yearbook. The pay was modest (access to a darkroom and all the film I could use), but the benefits were rewarding. I continued taking pictures in college, rising to the (paid) position of Photo Chief for the University of Central Florida student newspaper, The Future. As a journalism major, I polished my writing and editing skills, and became Editor-in-Chief of the The Future in my junior year. In the summer after my junior year, I was a paid intern at the Orlando Sentinel, the city’s daily newspaper where I wrote articles about a retired motorcycle cop and a descendant of Betsy Ross. In my senior year, I was the photographer for the university’s office of alumni relations. (As I was getting ready to graduate, the Sentinel offered me a full-time job in a far-flung bureau. But because I had already been accepted at Georgetown to do my Master’s in Middle Eastern History, I had to decline. I already knew my future was not in Florida.)

The dozens of freelance articles and opinion pieces I’ve written since 1986 span the waning days of print publications to the present world of online everything. Here are some that are available on the web.

Periodical Articles

“On the Streets of Damascus.” Aramco World Magazine. March-April 1991. pp. 11-19.

“The Dead Cities of Northern Syria,” (Text and photos.) Catholic Near East Magazine. (January 1991).

“At Home in a House of Prayer.” (Text and photos.) Catholic Near East Magazine. 14: 4 (Winter 1988). pp. 27-9.

“Preserving Syrian icons from the toll of time and loving touches.” (Text and photos.) Catholic Near East Magazine. 14: 3 (Fall 1988). pp. 10-13.

“High school reunion in Orlando: Pleasant surprises.” Orlando Sentinel. August 22, 1986. Op-ed pg.

“The 12 days of freedom: For a brief moment in history Hungary beat its oppressors.” Orlando Sentinel. Oct. 26, 1986. p. G-1.

Web Publications

Wearing Pink Pussyhats Continues the Long Tradition of Using Fashion in the Service of Feminism. History News Network, February 7, 2017.

Here’s What Else We Should Be Remembering this 9/11. History News Network, September 9, 2016.

“A 9/11 Reformer’s Final Plea for Justice in Washington.” History News Network, March 16, 2009.

“Mr. Clarke goes to Washington.” History News Network, week of March 29, 2004.

“Disney’s Hidalgo: A New Hollywood Low.” History News Network, week of March 8, 2004.

“The Question the Pentagon Doesn’t Want Answered.” History News Network, week of April 21, 2003.

“A Day That Will Live in (CNN’s) Middle Eastern History.” History News Network, week of April 14, 2003.



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